About Us

Gokarna Traders is a farmers’ need sensitive firm. We believe in delivering farming needs to the doorstep of a farmer.

We have developed an online shopping experience for farmers with a seamless delivery system that can reach homes/fields of farmers directly. 

Gokarna Traders is committed to fulfil the farming requirements like seeds, pesticides, fertilizer and other utility farming equipment to the farmers directly.

Farmers’ in India still struggle to procure seeds and other requirements from markets and local shop owners in time for the farming season. Gokarna Traders is committed to fulfil this need by providing high quality farm supplies to farmers directly sourcing them from reputed manufacturers and ensure the supply of seeds, agro-inputs and other related material to the farmer’s home directly with an efficient delivery network and contribute to the prosperity of farmers.

We are proactive in responding to the needs of the farmers. We are working with all the manufacturers and brands with a proven track record to procure the best farming material available and accessible through our online store.

Our Vision is to ensure farmers can easily procure what they need through our online store and get them delivered directly to their farms and fields in the most efficient manner contributing to the prosperity of India.